Out with the Stale, Land that Sale – Modernize your Marketing

Let’s say your business is doing great and you have not thought about re-branding or updating your website for a decade, well I can assure you that you could be doing even better if you kept up with the times. Here are the top 5 reasons based on my experience why its time to welcome your business into the 21st Century :

Marketing 101 – You want to reach new demographics – Kids these days they always have their face to a phone… Exactly! Those face in phone kids are your next phase of client.

You can better organize information and  materials for your clients and provide internet resources for them – We always want our clients to do their own research so we know they are comfortable with the decisions that they make when spending money on our products and services. It is so much easier for them to just go on your site and have it available at the moment their concern pops up.

To show the world that you are a business that adapts well to change – The most important thing in securing long term relationships with your customer base is TRUST, showing that your business is ready for anything and can handle constant change is a great way to earn that trust.

Who wants to be the “Under Dog”? – The big corporations may not have as good a product or service, but they have one heck of a marketing machine in-house and out-sourced.  You deserve to have a competitive edge! Don’t your customers deserve to know that your company is an option too?

Editing a status update, blog , or website is a blessing and simple to do. Reprinting or having potentional customers holding onto bad information and spelling is neither. Oh the agony of realizing there are errors on printout materials after they are printed (or worse mailed). If there is an important change or update that your consumers need to know about it can be posted in a matter of seconds on the web.

If you are in a classic business category like accounting, finance, or insurance that doesn’t mean it isn’t time to update. You may have a huge client list filled with loyal customers that you have had for decades, but eventually they pass the torch to their children. Those 3 industries have the highest percentages of customer loyalty, which I believe is because we are accustomed to looking  up to our parents for the most expensive desicions of our lives, as they have provided us all of them since birth. When those children rate your quality of service by what pops up on the computer you have to understand that your website and having a presence on social media is a huge part of their rating system and you will be visually qualified or disqualified based on that. Possibly, without any regard to your credentials or the quality of service that you provide. It may not be fair, but sadly it’s true.

Ways to modernize your branding and implement the web into your business model 

Logos – Pixelation, Resolution, WHAT? Simply put, a logo that is not clear and sharp is going to set your brand back. I have been deciding what to do with my logo (and website) for months, but I know it needs to be done. Soon I will send my wishes to my graphic designer, a logo is not something you should be doing without the proper programs or skills.  As much as I love DIYs this is not one I recommend unless you are a pro. Also, make sure to use a focus group before finalizing – even if it is just business associates, friends, and family.

Tag Lines – Does your business even have one? I have so many clients who tell me they have always wanted a tagline, or that they had ideas for some. Yet, they then tell me that they never made it part of their branding. Tag lines will also help a lot in Search Engine Opimization (SEO) Of course it is a big decision. Sometimes it’s very personal, but your tagline is vital –  after your logo it’s the best and briefest way to identify what you do, with who you are.

Information – Traditional informational materials like: business cards, brochures, and mailers are just not what they used to be. Many customers have concerns about the waste and want to work with businesses that care about the environment, and many business owners have concerns about the waste of money. I am not opposed to traditional informational materials at all, but there are so many other options to look at as well. You can even print your materials on seed paper, yeah plain old boring recycled paper is so 2012.

Promotional Items – The same concerns come up as above, wasting material and wasting money. The days of notepads and pens are numbered. Get your updated logo printed on some USB chargers or Solar flashlights. The more likely a client is to use the item, the more likely they are to use you!

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“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
~ George Bernard Shaw

Peace, Love & Dandelions

Keri-Anne Slater 

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