Happy Earth Day! Let’s Grow it Forward and Build Sustainable Connections

Sustainable Connection


What is Sustainable Connection?

Our Mission is to connect those working on sustainable projects in different fields. To build our directory and make sure the right people can get in touch with one another. We want to help them develop innovative ideas together and to open doors for sustainable solutions. Together we can all enrich our communities with a better quality of life. If we all become more inter-connected.
Sustainability is the Path to Liberty
Sustainable Connection is a nonprofit, our “Grow it Forward” initiative is founded on the belief that every man, woman and child should have decent, safe and affordable food to to eat.

What is Grow it Forward?

Gardens and Wellness efforts with the “Pay it Forward” message behind our efforts and inspired by the Habitat for Humanity platform. We are helping low income families, single parent families, and those with special needs have gardens that provide…

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