Spring Fling Flower Inspirations

 It has been a long cold winter up here on the North East. Winter can be beautiful, snow and ice is gorgeous glistening as it sits upon bare branches and lush green pines – but after shoveling about 4 tonnes of snow you yearn for something different. I noticed a few Crocuses popping up through the dirt, those bright little bulbs are a sure guarantee Spring is really here.There are so many flowers out there that do not get as much love as they should. Daffodils, Tulips, and Pansies are all beautiful and a classic to Ring in the Spring, but don’t be afraid to add some more underestimated flora t0 spice up your party, or just to brighten up your house.

Look for INSPIRATION everywhere …. My inspirations come mostly from nature, and Spring Flowers are just so exciting. Here are a few of my favorites.

1) CrocusesThey grow “pre-arranged” and look best potted or planted along garden borders. The colors are crisp and bright, and as I mentioned before they just pop out of the earth and shout Spring is Here! I love mixes of purple, yellow, and white. 

 crocus My Crocuses

2)ForsythiaHello Yellow! Forsythia are the walls of yellow you will find along roads and fences. Gorgeous slender branches with oodles of yellow flowers that may be simply shaped, but the color is so bold. Think garlands, wreaths, sprays, really so many uses with it having sturdy branches, no thorns, and it growing so tall. Weight your vessels with glass, sand, or marble these will be top heavy.

 Living wall of forsythia 3-D Forsythia & Bamboo wall 

3) Muscari Growing up I always called these “Blue Bells”, but the most amazing thing about these besides their dainty look, and powdery yet glistening coating is the heavenly scent. Fresh and slightly perfumey, not too overbearing to have some on a table. Here are some instructions to make an easy Spring Muscari Arrangement



  • Vessels (Appetizer bowls work great)  
  • Pea gravel
  • Muscari plants
  • Fresh or dried moss
  • Ribbon
  • Shallow rectangular tray
  • Foil-covered chocolate eggs


  • Line each vessel with 1/2 inch of gravel. Remove plants from containers; set one in each vessel. Cover root-ball with moss. Secure stems loosely with ribbon.


  • Set vessels in tray. Fill tray with eggs, and tuck a few into moss.


  • Water immediately and when they start to dry out

goodbye winter

Peace, Love & Dandelions

Keri-Anne Slater 

Creative Director

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