How to Find a Budget Friendly Venue


I am often asked how to find a great venue without breaking the bank, this is not as hard as some may think. Sometimes a little ingenuity is needed (especially on a tight budget). The easiest ways  to save money on most venues is having them on pretty much any day but a Saturday, and also finding a place where you can bring your own food and alcohol. Here are a few suggestions for highly amazing, yet lower budget locations.


  • State, County, and Village Parks and Beaches often offer designated picnic areas for gatherings  with coal grills,  some even have large tent rentals and usually you can get the space  for hundreds, not thousands  of dollars. Sometimes it is just the cost of a permit.
  • Your backyard can make a great venue space, of course this depends on the size and layout and type of event. I have a client who swears holding business dinners at his home is key to successful relationships with clients, I agree. When welcoming people onto your property you are building a deeper relationship with them, letting them into your world  builds trust. I suggest if planning to use your own yard that you have easy access to at least one bathroom, and a covering in case of rain.
  • Other outdoor venues include: college campuses, golf courses, vineyards, farms, zoos, and nature preserves – these types of venue rates can vary drastically, but more often than not you find one that fits your budget.


  • Sunday brunches at restaurants are great and many offer excellent rates for larger groups
  • Find a newer venue, a new place welcomes new business at much lower rates
  • Find a venue whose main purpose is not hosting events: Museums, art galleries, even libraries and movie theaters often have spaces available with cool decor and negotiable rates

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“A truly great event practically demands a truly great location.”

– Preston Bailey 

Peace, Love & Dandelions

Keri-Anne Slater 

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