Going Green Girly Style – Sustainable Events

Some of us are just nature lovers, I’ll take tree branches over crystals any day! If bling is your thing rock it at your party, but we all have preferences and an organic vibe is mine. Here are 3 sustainable creations I came up with recently for some small gatherings. They incorporate recycling, organic materials, and just might get your guests to become more eco-friendly when they get home:)

“Seeds of Love” ImagePlace holder and favor –  This 20th anniversary has not happened yet but I am having fun with concept designs.  Where my business card is will be replaced with the place cards that are being printed up,  they are green with little sparrows and the back says “Chris and Joanna planted the seeds of love in their hearts 20 years ago, may you ever blossom with us” ADORABLE! It is believed that rose quartz is the “stone of love” so I thought they would make great material for flower petals and incorporate the “whimsically bohemian” look the client is going for. The candle is soy based. Very easy and budget friendly to put together.


Ten Year TIN Anniversary Planters – Did you know the metal for a 10 year anniversary is tin? Everyone uses canned goods, save your cans and use them as a planter with some parsley or basil plants something that compliments the menu you have chosen. You recycled your cans and your guests now have a gifted garden. Remember organic plants need organic soil. Decorate the tin with paint, paper, glitter, ribbon, anything your heart desires, stick in a plant marker to add your guest’s name if you want to use it as a place holder as well.



   Lots of Lovely Lavender –  Dried lavender sprigs, wreaths, sachets, etc. Lavender’s scent is aromatically therapeutic and pleasant in addition to being an aphrodisiac. Lavender also is a natural insect repellent. A vase of fresh buds, will keep away bugs perfectly at outdoor events.  A very purple way to Go Green!

” Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises”
~ Pedro Calderon de la Barca

Peace, Love & Dandelions

Keri-Anne Slater 

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