Barn Venues – Transformable for Hoedowns to Haute Couture

My first hand at party planning was children’s parties at a barn, but just to let everyone know it was by no means a glamorous job. I was a teenager forced to work by my parents if I wanted riding lessons. My job required me to wear overalls, pig tail braids, eyeliner freckles, and a straw hat. I handled the layout, party games, and the occasional pony ride. What I did learn from that was the amazing ways you can transform these structures for hay and horses into beautiful event spaces, and since I am currently looking at buying a farm property I thought this would make for a good blog.


Jamesport Farm

Barns are like tents in that they are a blank canvas, but you need to know how to work that canvas into a place for serving food, tables for eating, decorations, dancing, lighting, etc.

For a company giving their execs and clients a party a barn is great for a few hosted buyer places in addition to a fun event, why not have some square dancing and a country band? Use the grounds for a nice game of croquet or badminton and relax.

dancebarn_1 regional sales

SLI  Regional Sales Farm Retreat

The feedback I have gotten from an event that allows hard working sales teams to get out of their stuffy suits is always positive. A friendly and fun environment is great for team building efforts and maintaining a productive corporate culture


I think barn weddings are absolutely beautiful and I love this picture I found at weddinglovely  


Novia Distinctive Photography

.I love the rustic barn and the wedding party attire fun and farmy:) It is amazing what you can do with mason jars, paper flowers, and string when going for the traditional barn decor.

The length of barns also makes them a great space to lay out a cat walk for fashion shows, and pageants


Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas

And now for my area of expertise, kids barn parties. Petting zoo, hay bale chairs, cowboy and cowgirl dress up. Also the fun you can have with the food, decor, and gift bags. The possibilities are endless. Just make sure your barn if not equip with restroom has proper portable toilets (I recommend trailers) and that you have necessary generators to power your entertainment and lighting as many barns are not built with events in mind. More should be though!

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  Leonardo da Vinci

Peace, Love  & Dandelions


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